Privatized Prisons – FOIA Requests – The Supreme Court Weighs In

Privatized Prisons – FOIA Requests – The Supreme Court Weighs In

I’ve included several articles that provide a brief overview of their current state.

Open record laws should apply to private prisons, too;

USA: Supreme Court rejects private prisons’ request to limit release of govt. documents on their immigration detention practices

“Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Government Transparency Against Private Prison Corporations”, 10 Oct 2017 ..

Author: Detention Watch Network (DWN) & Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), Published on: 13 October 2017

The Problem with Private Prisons

February 2, 2018, by Tara Joy, Assistant Opinion Editor

Lastly, from Lisa Rosenberg, Executive Director of Open the Government, at,

The Private Prison Information Act (S.1728) would strengthen accountability and oversight by requiring non-Federal prison, correctional, and detention facilities holding Federal prisoners or detainees under a contract with the Federal Government to make the same information available to the public as is required of Federal prisons and correctional facilities by FOIA.

Dr. M. Blatstein

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