The Benefits Of A College Program In Prison

The Benefits Of A College Program In Prison

Programs like the Education Justice Project out of St. Louis University Prison Program brought classes to Danville Correctional Center — a medium security, all male prison with about 1,700 inmates in east central Illinois, and California’s San Quentin’s ‘The last Mile’ are both great steps in addressing the recidivism paradigm.


Currently, there is no pathway ‘within the PSR’ process that addresses recidivism. This could match a defendant with a facility that supports an interest the defendant may have in either college, or in learning a specific occupational or trade.

In an attempt to positively change their and their family’s future, this would go a long way towards ensuring a successful reentry back into their communities, while being a first step towards reducing the recidivism paradigm.

Dr. M. Blatstein

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