Uncertain Futures, Being Released from Prison Without Healthcare

Uncertain Futures, Being Released from Prison Without Healthcare

By Cassie M. Chew | May 1, 2019

In addition to the rest of us, there are hundreds of inmates being released from prison, only to face the reality that the Trump administration is going all out to dismantle the ACA. As the ACA also provides Medicaid for those who are either unemployed or at the poverty level; the formerly incarcerated now face the possibility of no health insurance.

Of Note: Short on funding, and then healthcare following release.

I) First Step Act Comes Up Short in Trump’s 2020 Budget

Supporters worry because law seeks $75 million a year for five years, but president’s plan lists $14 million.  By JUSTIN GEORGE

II) Trump Administration Files Formal Request to Strike Down All of Obamacare

By Jan Hoffman and Abby Goodnough, May 1, 2019

Then there are the governors (Republican only) who refused to allow the medicaid expansion into their states! How can they govern over their constituents, while at the same time going out of their way to in effect, deny healthcare to their poorest populations. We all as a nation are facing an historic constitutional crisis in Washington, but this also disproportionately affects the poorest among us.

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For those who are being released from prison(s), many have been treated for both medical and mental healthcare problems, as well as being treated for addictions. What they now face is returning into our communities without any medical safety net. Without access to medical care, for some their only resource may be to the streets, a cycle that we’ve tried to change, the “in and out” of of the prison cycle.

This result ultimately impacts all of us, and our communities for we are all only as strong as our weakest link.

Do they get a Second Chance? No, plus they face an Uncertain Future; Post-Prison, Without Health Care.

Dr. M. Blatstein

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