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Federal Prison Placement Preparation

Incorporate these federal prison placement data points:

Federal prison placement includes Medical and Mental Healthcare needs to be implemented through the BOP CARE LEVELS I-IV Structure

Psychological Treatment

  • I) Brave Program A first-timer young male offender 32 years of age or younger, facing a sentence of 60 months or more
  • II) Challenge Program A male inmate facing a high-security penitentiary with a current diagnosis of either: Mood, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Delusion and/or a Substance-induced Psychotic Disorders
  • III) Mental Health Step Down A male or female who lacks the skills to function in a general population prison setting and is willing to work with Psychiatry Services.
  • IV) Resolve A male or female with a current diagnosis of a mental illness related to physical, mental and/or intimate domestic violence or traumatic PTSD
  •  V) Skills A significant functional impairment due to intellectual disabilities, neurological and/or remarkable social skills deficits such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) to mention just a few.
  •  VI) Stages  A male inmate with a serious mental illness and a primary diagnostic of Borderline Personality Disorder, along with a history of unfavorable institutional adjustment.
  • VIIa) Sex Offender Non-Residential Single Sex Crime, or first time Internet Sex Offense
  • VIIb) Sex Offender Residential Multiple sex crimes.
  • VIIc) Butner’s Commitment and Treatment Program for Sexually Dangerous Persons, Page 12Is considered for sexually dangerous persons with the possibility of criminal recidivism
  • VIII) Female Integrated Treatment Is a female with substance abuse (RDAP Eligibility Possible), trauma-related disorders, and other mental illnesses. (FIT) Program

Medication availability falls into 3 tiers:

  1. On the BOP Formulary (available).
  2. Non-Formulary; these require a lengthy preauthorization process.
  3. Last: these are just not available. While similar medications are substituted, how is their efficacy verified?

Security Requirements

  1. Offense Level vs Criminal History Calculation
  2. Criminal History Calculation
  • +3 points for each prior sentence > 1 Year + 1 Month.
  • +2 points for each prior sentence > 60 days, not counted above.
  • +1 point for each prior sentence, <= 60 days not counted above; for up to a maximum of 4 points in this category.
  • +2 points for each revocation that has a new charge or occurs under federal supervision.
  • + 1 point for each prior sentence resulting from a conviction of a crime of violence that did not receive any points as noted above because such sentence was treated as a single sentence, up to a total of 3 points for this subsection.

The BOP and Prison Security Level Placement

  1. (Program Statement P5100.08, Chapter 4: Pages 5-13 and Chapter 5: Pages 12-13)

Helpful articles in preparation for the sentencing hearing;

  1. Judges are interested in placement recommendations; By Alan Ellis, • THE FEDERAL LAWYER • September 2017
  2. When recommending a facility placement; BY ALICIA VASQUEZ AND TODD BUSSERT, How Federal Prisoners Are Placed, Published in Criminal Justice, Volume 31, Number 1, Spring 2016. © 2016 by the American Bar Association
The Presentence Report – A Medical, Medication, and Security Requirement Referral

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