Bureau Rehabilitation and Values Enhancement (BRAVE) Program

Program Description The BRAVE Program is a cognitive-behavioral, residential treatment program for young male offenders, serving their first federal sentence. Programming is delivered within a modified therapeutic community environment; inmates participate in interactive groups and attend community meetings. The BRAVE Program is designed to facilitate favorable institutional adjustment and reduce incidents of misconduct. In addition, the program encourages inmates to interact positively with staff members and take advantage of opportunities to engage in self-improvement activities throughout their incarceration.
Time Frame The BRAVE Program is a six-month program. Inmates participate in treatment groups for four hours per day, Monday through Friday. As the BRAVE Program is designed to facilitate a favorable initial adjustment to incarceration, inmates are assigned to the program at the beginning of their sentence.
Admission Criteria Program admission criteria are as follows: medium security male offender, 32 years of age or younger, a sentence of 60 months or more, and new to the federal system.
Program Content Program content focuses on developing interpersonal skills; behaving pro-socially in a prison environment; challenging antisocial attitudes and criminality; developing problem solving skills; and planning for release.
Empirical Support Research found BRAVE Program participants had a misconduct rate that was lower than the comparison group and BRAVE Program graduates had a misconduct rate that was also lower. The BRAVE Program utilizes cognitive behavioral treatment within a modified therapeutic community; these interventions have been found to be effective with an incarcerated population in the reduction of recidivism.
Applicable Policies 5330.11 Psychology Treatment Programs.
Institution Locations The BRAVE Program is available at the following facilities:

Mid-Atlantic Region Western Region
FCI Beckley, WV-Medium FCI Victorville , CA-Medium