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    1st: Hourly, a 3-hour minimum.    

    2nd: Consists of Two Interlinked Parts.

    Personalized Presentence Interview Preparation

    Prison Match™: PPRS Personalized BOP Placement Request Packet (that supports the defense reasons as to why they are making this request)

    For best results – engaging us before the PSI is recommended.

    ‘Includes all or part’ of the categories listed.

    • The National Programs have been added to in the creation of the First Step Act
      1. As important as The FSA could be, it appears that:
        • Starting with The Federal Register (Page 2705-2706) 1/2022, and then Forbes (5/2022)these programs are not up and running across all BOP Private and Contract Facilities.
        • For those that are up and running, at least a few are full and still not accepting new inmates until 2023 (as of 6/2022).
      2. These are evaluated by BOP staff once a new inmate entered a facility,
      3. It is my opinion there are significant parts in The FSA, that if identified prior to being incarcerated, and prior to the PSR/PSI,
        • Do these apply to your client?
          1. FEMALE INTEGRATED TREATMENT (FIT) PROGRAM [2 Locations Nationwide], For Female disorders; PTSD, mental disorders, and substance abuse.
          2. STAGES [2 Locations Nationwide], Borderline Personality Disorder.
          3. SKILLS [2 Locations Nationwide], Neurological deficits from Acquired Brain damage, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and/or Remarkable Social Skills deficits – attach treating physician records.
          4. MENTAL HEALTH STEP DOWN RESIDENTIAL [4 Locations Nationwide], having a serious mental illness, do not require inpatient treatment, while lacking the skills to function in the general population.
          5. LIFE CONNECTIONS PROGRAM [6 Locations Nationwide], supports and encourages religious beliefs and value systems.
      4. Ironically, programs that were important enough for the BOP’s ‘National Programs‘, and are now upgraded and included in Their FSA, should also be referenced in your PSR if applicable to your client. If it was important then – it should also be considered important now.
    • Unlimited phone support for the duration of this incident/case.
    • Court-ready BOP Placement Request Packet supporting your reason as to ‘why’ defense counsel is making this placement request. 
    • RDAP, EBRR Program, PA Activity, with BOP supporting documentation.
    • First Step Act Calculation – For Those Currently Incarcerated

    I) PPRS Presentence Report (PSR) Preparation

    • Similar to your own family doctor, we begin to learn all about your background;
      • Your Medical and Mental Healthcare history, because medical care in federal prison is provided through a CARE LEVEL I-IV Structure. 
        • Which level applies to you. 
        • If you’re taking medications, are they available?
        • Dementia, hopefully, this is not you as there is one Memory Disorder Unit nationwide.
      • Perscriptions;
        • They need to be attached to all medical devices brought in, as well as included in your PSR and PSI (don’t worry if you don’t know what these are, you will soon).
        • Medications, there are approximately 3500, divided into 3 Tiers,
          • We will verify your Medication availability, are they…
          • On Formulary, or available
          • Non-Formulary, requiring a lengthy preauthorization process – What to do to avoid their long pre-authorization process so there is no delay in getting them?
          • Not Available – Again, What is the best next step for counsel?
          • COVID Medications
            • Have you had your vaccines, Yes – Great, we’ll need proof.
            • While they are advertised as available on BOP Formulary, the caveat is; Limited in availability. 
          • Is the defendant a current or potential Post-COVID Long-Hauler?
            • What are the implications for your client as no prison is prepared to provide that complicated care?
    • Medical Co-Payments – what are their implications? P6031.02 [549.70(b), 549.72, 549.74]
    • Pregnancy:
    • RDAP Eligible?
    • COVID Modified Operational Levels as of 2/15/2022 
      • All 98 are Operating at Level#3, the Highest Intensity Level

    II) The Criminal Charges, as 98% of Federal cases plea, is your plan to:

    III) PPRS Provides a Prison Match™ Packet, in a court-ready format that contains;

    • Supporting BOP Documentation, specifically supporting the defense’s reasoning as to why the placement request is being made.
    • DC Corrections Information Council (CIC, where available),
      • The CIC investigates all federal prisons that house Washington DC Residents, then provides a clear report on each facility after interviewing DC inmates – Very Worthwhile!
      • The CIC investigative Report is also presented in a court-ready format, that lends support to our Prison Match™ Packet’s reasoning, as to why the placement request is being made.
    • Self-Surrendering instructions to the client.
      • Further recommendations to counsel,
        • verify that the prison has the court’s order in hand for your client’s arrival.
    • Nearby Hotel information for families.
    • What to bring when self-surrendering,
      • Basic wedding band, Bible
      • Prescriptions for medications (4 weeks recommended if you are able),
        • At worst they are thrown out, at best they are available for your use.
        • When surrendering on weekends or holidays, the BOP may allow these to be used if not available from their onsite pharmacy.
        • Prescriptions should also be attached to all medical devices, glasses, etc.
      • ID: birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, and social security card.
      • Cash: $320 ($370 in November and December).
      • MoneyGram or Western Union, to be used for monthly deposits.
      • Legal papers are allowed.
      • List of personal names (including phone numbers and addresses).


    There is no guarantee implied or otherwise of final prison placement, medical and/or medication availability, or program enrollment. As the BOP has the final say on ‘All Inmate Issues’, once incarcerated, placement and program enrollment may vary.

    In addition to the defense team’s insight as to their client’s background and defense strategy, PPRS Prison Match  is meant to be used solely as a ‘mitigation aide‘ in the sentencing and prison placement decision-making process.