FSA, Productive Activities (PA)
Women’s Relationships 2022

Program Description This cognitive-behavioral therapy group assists women in identifying and developing healthy, prosocial relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances.
Hours 5
Location(s) All female sites

Alderson FPC
Aliceville FCI
Brooklyn MDC
Bryan FPC
Carswell FMC

Chicago MCC
Danbury FCI
Dublin FCI
Greenville FCI
Guaynabo MDC

Hazelton FCC
Honolulu FDC
Houston FDC
Lexington FMC
Los Angeles MDC

Marianna FCI
Miami FDC
Oklahoma City FTC
Pekin FCI

Philadelphia FDC
Phoenix FCI
San Diego MCC
SeaTac FDC

Tallahassee FCI
Tucson FCC
Victorville FCC
Waseca FCI

Needs Addressed Anti-Social Peers/Cognitions/Family/Parenting
Program Delivery Contractors
Special Population Program Coordinator