Facing Federal Prison as a White-Collar FBI Target

You suspected that you were an FBI Target, but just not convinced, enough…

White Collar Sentencing Options 

Facing the criminal justice system is not easy, and being ill-prepared is worse.

I am Marc Blatstein, the physician who created Physician Presentence Report Service (PPRSUS), and in 2006 I was convicted of a white-collar felony.

After the “Guilty” verdict:

  • I had no idea what a Personal Narrative was,
  • At sentencing, when the judge asked me if I had anything to say?
    • I turned and looked at my attorney, and then said something unoriginal like, I’m sorry?
  • When I got to the camp, one of my medications was not the same,
    • which was unexpected (but I didn’t know),
    • the story can continue, but my Takeaway stays the same;

Preparation, Knowledge, and Hard Work
Are Key To Getting Home as soon as Possible

In 2010 my medical license was restored in full, and I made a decision to work with those of you who, like me, have been, are, or will be impacted by the criminal justice system.

My experiences in The BOP, together with my medical background, will ease some of your fears and concerns. 

The things that made you successful in life, Preparation, Knowledge, and Hard Work are the same ingredients that you will need to pull together here, and we can put a dent in the government’s case, and mitigate your sentence.

Once you’re indicted – you need legal representation as the FBI and US Attorney are famous for having an incredibly high rate of convictions at over 98%.

If You Suspect You’re The Target of a Federal Investigation | Before The Presentence Interview (PSI) | After The PSI – But Before The Sentencing Hearing | After Sentencing or You’re Already Incarcerated | There Are Still Things We Can Do

If you had any questions – for a free consultation, give me a call, I answer and return all of my own calls – personally. Best, Marc. 240.888.7778, or email.

My personal drive allows me to share my mistakes in lack of preparedness for federal sentencing and entering the BOP, so you’re prepared for,

This was my life-altering event – it doesn’t have to be yours.

While it’s best to start early (when you 1st learn that you’re the Target), we can make a positive impact at any level.

First, is getting a great criminal defense attorney, whom you trust, then you have, 
Two options; Trial or Plea.

  • Trial (or Plea): The costs could easily exceed $100, 000 ++
  • Trial: While the goal is to win, understand that should you lose,
  • Here The US Attorney will request a longer sentence (payback!) –
  • But if you and your attorney are Confident – Stay Strong!

While White-Collar Attorneys know the Law – don’t leave all of those decisions that determine your life – in their hands,

Not All are intimately familiar with the,

  • Preparation in creating your Personal Narrative, where you speak directly to the Judge either in written and/or video format
  • Preparation needed for your next step: Entering The BOP,” including,
  • Preparation before you enter to understand their Rules: Visits, Money, eMail, Shots, FSA, Cares Act, Good Time Credit, Earned Time Credit
  • Preparation of your FSA Programming progress in prison, and then documenting what you covered in those classes
  • Preparation for your interaction with your Case Managers, Unit Team, and Counselors, documenting your experiences in your programs and with your teachers
  • Preparing and updating your Reentry Planning in each of those visits
    • With your Unit Team, Case Managers, and Counselors, all in writing:
    • Documenting your FSA Risk Assessment Programming (SPARC-13), and how they’ve helped you
    • Documenting short paragraphs about the books you’ve read, and how they’ve shaped your future outlook
    • Your reentry plan gets into the detail – possibly someone offered you a job, 2 copies ( for you and your case manager)
  • All of this is long-term Preparation – for early Halfway House (RRC) – which could get you there sooner
  • Then Preparation for early Supervised Release and finally
  • Preparation for early release to home and Freedom –
  • Then with confidence put your Reentry Plan to good use

If You Suspect You’re The Target of a Federal Investigation | Before The Presentence Interview (PSI) | After The PSI – But Before The Sentencing Hearing | After Sentencing or You’re Already Incarcerated | There Are Still Things We Can Do

For a No Obligation Free Consult, Call Dr.Blatstein at: 240.888.7778, or by emailDr. Blatstein answers and personally returns all of his calls.

Before The Presentence Interview Investigation

Legal Team Preparation and Mitigation, 1st) before the PSI, 2nd) getting everything accurate into the PSI, 3rd) “On The Record” and 4th) laying the groundwork for your BOP Placement Request.

  • Based on qualified programming or medical reasons why, (through the strength of your Personal Narrative, and their Memorandum)
  • In order to place you in a BOP Facility, commensurate with your programming and/or other needs),
  • PPRSUS provides your team with a court-ready – personalized (Sample) BOP Placement Packet.

* Consider including Sentencing Mitigation and BOP Placement Experts – in your legal team from the start, as they have experience in:

1. What it takes to successfully Prepare for entering the BOP
2. What do you need to do while you are incarcerated to put the pieces of your future in place
3. …for the soonest possible Release Date – your Reentry Release Planning starts Now
4. When your attorney makes your BOP Placement Request, supported with documented reasons why the request is being made (E.g. RDAP, Programming, Medical), I provide a personalized BOP Placement Packet (Example).

The significance of your Personal Narrative cannot be understated- it directly impacts;

  • Your Sentencing Judge, allows you to speak directly to the Judge, from your heart, and he does want to know you.
  • The Prosecutor will read this.
  • Probation (who wrote the Presentence Report), as they too read this, they may include it in their (your) PSR
  • The BOP (Case Managers, Counselors, and other correction staff responsible for your care), will also see it.
  • Halfway House (RRC), will be influenced by it as bed space is limited, they decide who is ‘worthy’.
  • Others who you will encounter in the future
  • Just the act of writing it, over time, will be a cathartic experience of relief.

For a No Obligation Free Consult, Call Dr.Blatstein at: 240.888.7778, or by emailDr. Blatstein answers and personally returns all of his calls.

A Summary of General Collected Information 

Background information,
Provided to the Probation Officer before the PSI, with the goal of getting it into “the record”.
The defendant’s legal team provides reasons as to why they are requesting their placement request.

  • The placement reasons should be based on issues, for example,
  • Medical,
  • Programming (RDAP, Stages (Borderline Personality Disorder), Skills (ie: Autistic)),
  • Overcrowding, including other cited cases with the specific referenced cases highlighted for the court.

The client’s personal narrative (written and/or video),
Character letters/videos,
Medication List, know what BOP medications are:

  • Medication Availability (YouTube: Perscription Medication Availability In Federal Prison)
  • Formulary, or those that are Available vs.
  • Those requiring a lengthy Pre-authorization process (Non-Formulary)
  • Medications not available (here we guide you through options).
    • These medication issues should be brought up before the PSI and sentencing hearing.
    • The prescribing physician should be involved in reviewing the BOP Formulary Drug List and noting his recommendations.

If your client has never seen a doctor now is the time to see a physician for a full physical, and if warranted a mental healthcare evaluation.
Minimum Camps

White-Collar Sentencing Options

PPRSUS 11: Presentence Interview Preparation, “Your Future Depends On It”

PPRSUS 12: The Presentence Report, and Personal Narrative

PPRSUS 13: Perscription Medication Availability In Federal Prison

PPRSUS 14: Medical Care In Federal Prison

PPRSUS 15: Satellite Camps vs Federal Prison Camps (FPC), They Are Different, Learn By How Much

PPRSUS 16: When Self-Surrendering, Be Prepared So You Don’t End Up In Solitary Confinement, It Can Happen! Listen and Learn…

PPRSUS 17: You Keep Relapsing as a Post-COVID Long-Hauler, Prison May Not Be Able To Provide The Care You Need

PPRSUS 18: The Statement of Reasons – Drafted By The Judge (Where He/She Can Recommend Programming, BOP Placement, Medical CARE LEVEL). In Essence, It Controls Your Life Throughout Your Term With The BOP.

PPRSUS 19.I: How To Prepare For Federal Prison – Our Process
1st: Presentence Interview Preparation, 2nd: Developing BOP Placement Options
3rd: Getting your message “on the record”, before the court, in the Presentence Report

PPRSUS 20. Federal Prison: From Sentencing – Day 1

PPRSUS 21b. The Presentence Interview – Investigation Report and Your Narrative

PPRSUS 21c. Your Personal Narrative

The Presentence Interview-Investigation (PSI): What I believe should be provided to your legal team.

My personal recommendation is since you are doing this, and if I trust my experience,

  • Is that for most of us, this is the first time you have collated all of your records,
  • You get 2 (two) copies of everything.
  • One for yourselves,
  • The other is for the court.

Just my opinion. Dr. MJB

Complete Medical History:
* All Surgery Reports, * All Physician Contact Information * All Blood Tests for the past 5 years * All Medical Records, * All: X-Rays, * CT and MRI films and Reports with CDs, (if available), for both, 2 copies each, one for your families records and the other for the courts.

All Original Prescriptions for:
* Medical Devices * CPAP, BiPAP, * Eyeglasses, * Orthotics, * Prosthetics, * Diabetic Shoes, * Wheelchairs, * Cane, Crutches, etc., * Medications, etc.

Diplomas: * Highest Education Level Completed, * Any Certifications.

Military Service: * Branch, * Rank, * Discharge Type.

Recommendations and References: In Written, and in unique circumstances Video Format after consulting with your attorney.


PPRS Provides Personalized White-Collar

Presentence Interview and Narrative Preparation

BOP Placement Request Options, Presented in a Court Ready Format, (Alderson Example)

Engagement before the Presentence Interview is recommended.

For a consultation without any obligation, Dr. Blatstein is easy to reach; at 240.888.7778 (his personal cell), or by email.


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