Facing Federal Prison

You’ve been indicted, found, or plead guilty and are facing federal prison – now what?

Getting a criminal defense attorney is paramount.

Next is the Presentence Report (PSR) as it will dictate your future – it is that important. Everything below has to be included in the PSR.

  • If access to medications or medical devices (such as a CPAP, eyeglasses, etc.) is necessary, PSR documentation cannot be overstated.
  • When entering prison for the first time, it may be helpful to:
    • Know what medications are:
      • available (on formulary) vs.
      • those requiring a lengthy reauthorization process (non-formulary), or
      • just not available (here we guide you through options).
    • Regarding medications that are not available, the defendant may receive a different/similar medication at the discretion of the BOP. Further, these medication issues should be brought up before the sentencing hearing, through the PSR.
    • Defendants who appear medically healthy, but have never seen a doctor, now is the time to see a physician for a full physical, and if warranted a mental healthcare evaluation.
    • Know which defendants are camp eligible: Federal Prison Camps (FPC) are different than satellite camps, as the latter are associated with higher security facilities and some of the associated security stresses.
    • Most of this information is available either through the BOP online or can be available through us: 240.888.7778 or info@PPRSUS.com

As this is a fearful time for both you and your family, having an advocate is crucial when facing prison. As someone who has been through this before, and still has retained his medical license, let us at PPRSUS and Prison Match™  be that advocate. Call us for a free consultation, if we are not a good match, then I am confident we could provide you at minimum with other recommendations.

Not over emphasizing, but if it’s not included in the PSR it will not be noted to the court upon sentencing, and definitely will not be provided once the defendant is incarcerated.

The Process Before The Sentencing Hearing: Upon preliminary completion of the PSR by the legal defense team (hopefully including recommendations for placement), probation officers will investigate and perform a Presentence Interview (PSI) of the defendant.

Before the PSI, a personal narration (written, video, or both) by the defendant can be presented to the probation officer, including the attorney’s memo and placement recommendation along with supporting reasons. This hopefully will positively influence their report to the court.


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