These resources contain information for the general public as well as for families whose loved ones are incarcerated.


Article: 2014 Immigrants Warehoused & Forgotten, ACLU (in Directory How To) U.S. Legal Forms
Article: 50-Most-Comfortable-Prisons-in-the-World Catholic University Law Review
Spring 2017 Article 7, 6-30-2017
Death Row Dogs, Hard Time Prisoners, and Creative Rehabilitation Strategies: Prisoner-Dog Training Programs
Article: Help With Paying Attorney Fees Write a Prisoner, Going to Prison
Facebook: Family Prison Sites Prison on the outside- In My Own Prison
Facebook: Family Voices Prison Sites BOP Legal Matters
Families of the incarcerated; On Facebook Background Public Records Search
VISITOR INFORMATION CDFRM – One form for each person you want to visit you Public Records Search
Article: How to Find Help to Pay for a Lawyer FURLOUGH QUESTIONNAIRE
Article: How US Private Prisons Profit From Immigrant Detention  Home Confinement
Article: Criminal Law-Free Advice Prison Legal News
Drug and alcohol rehab centers reviews Inside Books Project sends this Resource Guide free of charge to any inmate in the U.S
AUTHORIZATION TO RECEIVE PACKAGE OR PROPERTY- For Example; special reading glasses, have to come directly from the eye doctor. Money Gram – Sending money to those incarcerated
The Lionheart Foundation Article: Non-citizens involved in the criminal justice system
Public Records Search Obstacles to successful reentry into their communities.
Prisoners’ Wives, Girlfriends, & Partners HEALTH INTAKE ASSESSMENT/HISTORY
92% of defendants with the public council and 91% with private council either pleaded guilty or were found guilty at trial. ADDICTION RESEARCH FOUNDATION WITHDRAWAL ASSESSMENT-ALCOHOL
FORUM on Corrections Research – The Canadian Families and Corrections Network The Canadian Families and Corrections Network Article: Prison’s Black Market Information
Article: Families of Prisoners Support Group Self Help Legal Documents
Dirt Search Article: The 12 Best Federal Prisons to Do Time
Article: How Do I Look Up a Criminal Record for Free With No Registration? BOP Policies and Forms
Rule 32 The Mentally Ill in Prison
Magazine Service for Inmates Article: Timeline of Important Latino Americans
Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, Returning to Work After Prison | MDRC Western Union® Inmate Services
A comprehensive, lighting-fast people search engine. Inmate Agreement for Participation in TRULINCS – Email
Official Police Records Reported By Law Enforcement Agencies www.accesscorrections.comEasy, secure ways to send and deposit money
Agreement to Participate – Sex Offender Treatment Program- Voluntary, unless court-ordered AUTHORIZATION TO RECEIVE PACKAGE OR PROPERTY, for example, prescription eyeglasses