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Welcome to my video series, ” INDICTED AND FACING PRISON.” My name is Marc Blatstein, and I know firsthand how surreal and overwhelming this experience can be. That’s why I’m here to provide you with crucial daily information. Knowledge and Preparation build the Confidence you’ll need to navigate these challenging times.

The DOJ and Feds have been asking questions; their case is mostly complete. With a 98% conviction rate, the odds are not in your favor. However, knowledge is power, and it’s in your hands. Delaying your next step could have severe consequences.

Your future is at stake, so hiring a legal team with a proven track record of successfully defending cases like yours is critical. Don’t just settle for experience; choose a team that can get you the best outcome. Make the right choices now, and you can move forward with confidence.

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Long before the Presentence Interview (PSI),

  • Preparation for what is to come includes understanding the Four Levels of Medical Care and providing all relevant information clearly defined before the interview,
  • No matter how insignificant or long-ago the medical care was, it should be seriously considered for inclusion.

They range from

  • CARE LEVEL I (for the healthiest)
  • CARE LEVEL II, similar to a well-staffed Internal Medicine Practice
  • CARE LEVEL IV (those needing inpatient care 24/7/365)
  • CARE LEVEL IIII, outpatient care will suffice for those who do not qualify for 24/7 Nursing.

The Caveat:

  • While documented, BOP Policies and Procedures only work if implemented or enforced.

Compassionate Release

•       2nd Opinions, Yest, although 1) this could take three years if allowed, and 2) the BOP Clinical Director for your facility Does Not Have to Follow the specialist’s recommendations.

·      The BOP also determines whether a defendant has any medical or mental healthcare needs that will affect their placement. To the extent it will happen, continuity of care in the BOP depends on comprehensive preparation for the Presentence Interview, followed by verifying the final Presentence Report for accuracy.

·      This cannot be over-emphasized.

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