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Prison Match™, a Criminal Defense PSR Case Management Software that saves:

  • Legal team time, effort and expense while providing for better prison placement option outcomes.
  • May save the Federal Bureau of Prisons the cost of a subsequent medical or non-medical transfer later.
  • Could save the defendant (and their family) the legal expense of a court ordered transfer later (a Big If), which usually does not solve the issue in a timely manner.

While taking into account the defendant’s:

  • Security requirements
  • Healthcare needs (providing continuity of medical care).
  • Medication availability, if on formula.
  • Educational or occupational aspirations (reducing recidivism).
  • Federal Prison Camp (FPC) v. satellite camp (there are significant differences).

The goal is to request placement into a facility appropriate to the defendant’s security classification while taking into account individual medical and mental healthcare needs, educational and occupational interest, along with proximity to their family and loved ones.

Ultimately, it is much simpler, quicker and less expensive (for the defendant, their family and the Bureau of Prisons), to place an inmate accurately the first time.

For example; is your client a Veteran? If possible connect your client with a facility that caters to veterans. In November 2013, FCI Morgantown began a Veterans-to-Veterans Service Dog Training Program.  All of them are federally imprisoned military veterans who will be training dogs for veterans in the community who have mobility impairments and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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