Published, The Federal Lawyer: The Critical Role of the Presentence Report

The Presentence Report (PSR) acts as a referral for,

Medical Care,

Clinical Guidance,

Mental Healthcare Program Participation

Security Level Placement.

Making The BOP Placement Request Is Based On:

Comprehensive Presentence Interview Preparation

The Presentence Report (PSR): the court’s intake process that documents the defendant’s background, and determines their future.

  • Judges use the PSR to determine the length of a sentence.
  • The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) uses the same PSR for prison placement.
  • The PSR is again used by probation during supervised release.
  • Lastly, this same PSR becomes a permanent part of your record – It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!
    • Don’t overstate or hide medical and/or mental healthcare issues from the PSR and Probation Officer, why:
      • Federal Medical Centers treat both violent and nonviolent offenders of all security levels.
      • If it is not included within the PSR – it will definitely not be provided.
      • Medication Availability (Approximately 3500 are on Formulary), divided into 3 tiers
        1. On Formulary, or Available
        2. Non-Formulary, requiring a lengthy reauthorization process, or
        3. Just not available. Here similar medications may be substituted, but will they have sufficient efficacy.
  • Making the Placement Request
    • A personal narrative, written (and/or video) by the defendant, submitted before the PSI can help with the court if it’s from the heart, and is the truth.
    • The Presentence Report (PSR) influences the defendant’s prison placement request when based on: