Initial Designation Process: Mental Health Care Levels I-IV

Medical Health Mental Health
* Unfortunately, in general the BOP is not equipped to provide any meaningful treatment for the following underlying disorders (just to mention a few) – for example:

  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Major depressive
  • Bipolar

As medical staffing differ from one facility to another, and if the care is available within the BOP; this may necessitate a transfer to a facility further away from their home.

*Alan Ellis and J. Michael Henderson (July 19, 2018); How To Do Time- Part IV.

Mental Health Care Level I

  • No Remarkable Issues.
  • No history of Mental Illness Interventions.

Mental Health Care Level II

  • ‘Routine and/or Crisis Oriented Outpatient’ Care that is Outpatient.
  • Outpatient or brief crisis oriented care.
  • Controlled with medication.
  • May requires suicide watch or brief observation.

Mental Health Care Level III

  • ‘More Severe Outpatient’ or Residential.
  • May require weekly mental healthcare visits or Residential Psychology Treatment.

Mental Health Care Level IV

  • ‘Inpatient’ Psychiatrist Monitored, includes those who are:
  • Gravely disabled and cannot function in general population as in MH III.
  • Have a current or recent historical need for inpatient psychiatric care.
  • Requires psychotropic medication control.