The passing of The First Step Act in 2018 was Serious Legislation

The passing of The First Step Act in 2018 was Serious Legislation

The passing of The First Step Act in 2018 was serious legislation, but it comes with the following caveats;

Frustration and Disappointment Verify that your ETC calculations are up to date and that the BOP is giving you all of the ETC you have earned.

Hello, and thank you for tuning into my Video series, INDICTED AND FACING PRISON: NOW WHAT?

The information in this series and on (and PPRSUS Resources) is readily accessible and completely Free to all.

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My name is Marc Blatstein. In 2006, I, too, was Indicted and convicted of a felony, and I lost my medical license. To call this a life-altering event, at best, is an understatement. With work, I fully reinstated my license: Prison is Temporary.

My goal in this series is to provide you with the information you’ll need to survive and navigate these times. Knowledge and Preparation will help build back the Confidence you’ll need throughout this process.

  • Since you’ve heard that the DOJ and Feds have been asking questions, their case against you is mostly complete, with a 98% Conviction Rate.
  • Delaying to act now is at your peril.
  • Hiring a legal team doesn’t just mean they have experience; they also need a proven track record of successfully defending cases like yours.
  • The choices you make today – will make a better tomorrow.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to call and consider engaging my services at 240.888.7778—this is your life.

Using the information provided in the Presentence Report (PSR),

  • Prisoners are, for the first time in addition to just being incarcerated, now offered a mechanism through FSA Programs, education, and working on their personal development and growth,
  • …to earn credits toward an earlier release date.
  • You can use a computer to take your assessment survey when you first arrive. If you don’t, you may still be able to take the FSA Classes, but you’ll get no credit.

Personal Development and Growth

  • Document – document – document
  • Each and every class you take, what you learn, and now you have a record in case you are challenged months later.
  • Document each conversation with BOP Staff.
  • Education: GED, Associate, Undergrad, Master; or Occupation and Trades training = Personal Growth and Development

All this Documentation = a Release Plan

  • It makes your Case managers look better. Maybe they get a Raise, but this Saying Holds: If you help them get what they want, you’ll get what you want.

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