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Program Description Taken from The First Step Act Approved Program Guide 1/2022 BE-ACTIV is a psychosocial treatment program for depression in aging adults residing in nursing care center settings. This program seeks to improve positivity by increasing the availability of, and patient engagement in, personally meaningful activities. The Mental Health Provider (MHP) assesses participants and pinpoints specific pleasant activities for focus and meets weekly with participants to engage in pleasant events planning and setting of measurable goals. Motivational interviewing, psychotherapy and frequent positive reinforcement, and engagement of other
employees and support are continuous during the program. An Activity Facilitator (AF) will assist the MHP and participant in resolving any institutional barriers. The AF will coordinate the activities plan and will encourage the participant to carry out the plan.Employees should consult the program material for the length and duration of the class. Program materials and updated SENTRY codes are located under the FSA Programs link on the Reentry Services Division Sallyport page.
Time Frame
Needs Addressed Mental Health and Recreation/Leisure/Fitness
Program Delivery To ensure program fidelity and proper credit, Basic Cognitive Skills must be delivered by psychology Services staff.
Institution Locations FMC Butner, FMC Carswell, FMC Devens, FMC Fort Worth, FMC Lexington, MCFP Springfield, FMC Rochester