Available to all incarcerated persons,

But not to those serving life, or a 1-year-1 day sentence.

Good time credit changed from 47 –> 54 days per year,
of their imposed sentence

The Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA), per BOP Policyyou must have either earned your GED or made satisfactory progress toward reaching your GED.

Good Time credit can be taken away after being given, but only for ‘good cause’, and only in these ‘two examples: 1st) For e.g., riot, food strike, work stoppage, etc., or 2nd) Misbehavior, where the BOP only learned about it after the good time was given.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums(FAMM)

Calculated by FAMM

“…for every year of imprisonment, you can earn up to 54 days of credit 

against their entire term of imprisonment.

(“Term of Imprisonment” is widely understood as meaning the sentence of imprisonment imposed by the judge.)”

Example: Simply put:

For someone in the federal system serving a term of 5 years (or 1826 days, including an extra day for a leap year), with

Conduct = Excellent, with, and only if he/she earns all possible good time.

Federal sentences are to be served at approximately 85% of each year, or:

(The 54 Days of GTC is included in the 311) 311 Days  x  “5 Years” = 1555 Days Until Release [54 + 311 = 365 | 311  x  5 = 1555]

This means he/she earns 54 Days Of Good Time as they complete each set of 311 days.

By the end of five (5) sets or (311 days/year)years, = 1555 days = 85%,

of their 1826-Day Sentence; or ~ 85%

A positive example of breaking the recidivism paradigm

  •, a program started at San Quentin State Prison.
    • Located at San Quentin State Prison where they started the program,
      • they prepare “incarcerated individuals for successful reentry through business and technology training”.

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