Dr. Marc Blatstein

I have been providing medical and surgical management of the lower leg, ankle, and foot for over 30 years, a privilege of practicing a discipline I love. 

Through my story, this video explains why finding the right attorney for you is important. This is your life-altering event; Preparation and Knowledge of what you are about to do could still result in the best outcome for you. Remember that the DOJ has a 98% conviction rate – with incarceration as their outcome; what then is a realistic positive outcome for you? Learn from my experiences through my video.

For transparency, approximately two decades ago, due to a white-collar crime, I, too, was convicted of a felony. There was never any issue regarding the quality of patient care provided, and I took responsibility for my actions and that of my practice. Later, with work and the support of colleagues, my license to practice was restored in full back in 2010.

At sentencing, the judge did say that he did not want to see me back in his courtroom, and both my attorney and I heard what he said – but were we listening? We next asked if we could appeal the indictment, and “we” agreed, assuming (not too savvy on my account) that I would only get a Yes or No at the time of the Indictment appeal – boy, was I wrong! The rest of this story I’ll share once we speak in person.

But I digress…



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-Marc Blatstein


I had no idea what to expect when entering Prison, as I went directly into an Isolation Cell or Solitary Confinement when I expected to go ‘directly’ to the Satellite CAMP. Years later, I learned that my attorney could have informed me that going into the isolation cell (or solitary to the rest of us) is “usual and customary” for the BOP when you are designated to a Satellite Camp. 

My placement into ‘solitary’ was also preventable as I arrived before all of my judge’s orders. I have no idea why nobody bothered to check, other than they must have Assumed, Incorrectly, that the records would have been received wrong! So yes, I Panicked,  followed by a sudden attack of Claustrophobia. Learn other reasons one is immediately placed in solitary.

I want to share the many obstacles I encountered so that you would not have to experience the same frustration of being unprepared.

This was an overwhelming period of my life. While I didn’t realize there were support groups out there, this one, led by Jeff Grant, is a great resource for knowing that you’re not walking this path alone.


My Transition From Patient Care.
This career change has allowed me to share what I have learned after 30+ years in the medical field and my experiences within the BOP because, with Preparation and Knowledge, we can all come out the other side stronger, leaving this as a memory as we continue with our lives.

Through Preparation and Knowledge, we’re Reducing The Fears That Impact the Lives of Individuals and Families Like Yours, as they Face this Life-Altering Event.


Recommended: www.BOP.gov for updated individual facility information.

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