Dr. Marc Blatstein

Dr. Marc Blatstein has been practicing for more than 30 years, providing quality patient care, and the privilege of practicing a discipline he loved. 

Approximately two decades ago, as the result of a white-collar crime, I was convicted and sentenced to 1 year and 1 day for a ‘place of service’ coding error. While there was never any issue regarding the quality of patient care provided, as owner, I took responsibility for my actions. This actually was more complicated – as I was Not Prepared, therefore if you want to know more, all you have to do is ask.

My medical license was restored in full, remains current, and I’ve continued to see patients, now part-time while transitioning to advising justice-impacted defendants, and their families as they struggle through this life-altering event.

It was at that time I created Physician Presentence Report Service LLC., using my experience, and employing all of the skills the defendants had developed after years of success, and refocused those skills in preparing themselves, with their legal team for the best possible Presentence Interview Outcome. Understanding that no one can “promise” what the judge or BOP will do, following a process, you can enter Prison Prepared – With your Reentry Plan Already Started. That is Correct!

This was my first time putting this in writing – and what a rush, bringing back painful memories, which brings me to the main reason for his transition away from patient care.


Learn From My Mistakes

So you Don’t Make Yours


If You Suspect You’re The Target of a Federal Investigation | Before The Presentence Interview (PSI) | After The PSI – But Before The Sentencing Hearing | After Sentencing or You’re Already Incarcerated | There Are Still Things We Can Do

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Did the FBI Wake You With Their Early ‘AM’ Knock – Do any of these apply?
* Are you the target of a government investigation?
* Are you a White-Collar professional facing the feds?
* Are you an elected official who’s been charged with corruption?
* Is your successful corporate or business career that took years to build, now facing federal charges?


If Yes – I can help you because I’ve been where you are now.
In 2006 the Feds paid me a visit at my home and practice; and “I was that deer in headlights.
I did everything wrong – I was not prepared in any manner.
* I didn’t know: 
I) That there were things I could do from the start that could have reduced the impact of my sentence.
II) There were things I could do to help myself, for example; preparing: 1st) a personal narrative, and 2nd) my Presentence Interview.
III) There were things I could do in prison, to work towards an earlier release, like Reentry Planning, plus-plus.
IV) That I could have been prepared for the court date, and what to say should the judge ask me questions.
V) That I could be prepared for what to expect once I arrived in a BOP facility – nothing – Zero!

Once my license was restored in full, I began the transition process slowly away from patient care in order to share my experiences with others facing this life-altering event.

The unknown is all very unnerving, and I know because I’ve been there. I wanted to share my experiences in The BOP, together with my medical background – all to ease some of your fears and concerns. You will get through this!

The things that made you successful in life, Preparation, Knowledge, and Hard Work are the same ingredients that you will need to pull together here, and together we can put a dent in the government’s sentence.

If you’ve been indicted – you need legal representation as the FBI and US Attorney are famous for having an incredibly high rate of convictions at over 98%.



This process takes work – to reduce your time in prison

* Preparation made you successful in your work/business life,

* Preparation is the same skill you will use here.

1. It has shown results
2. The best to start, was yesterday
3. It may result in the lowest possible sentence and release 

* Preparation for your Reentry Planning, also starts now

1. It will restore confidence (getting rid of “that deer in headlights”)
2. Building small steps towards success, builds more steps toward success as you engage your Reentry Plans and take Your Life Back.

* Work started yesterday requires being “Self-Motivated”

* You are Your Best Advocate, it’s your, Hearing, Interview, and Narrative: that will dictate Your future. Don’t leave your future solely in the hands of your attorney – if you just want an outside consultation, it is your life…

1. All your life, when you hit an obstacle in your business and life, you figured it out,
2. You’ve conquered it, succeeded, and moved on.
3. And that is what you will do here in prison, and after you leave, as you move through your Reentry Plans.
4. Being prepared (the earlier the better), you’ve been successful before, and you will be again – it’s your turn to decide the makeup of this part of your defense team.

Dr. Blatstein still feels there is a need to pass on his:

Experiences, and not just covering medical and mental healthcare issues, but rather, starting with the “knock” at the front door; on what to do, and not do, and how to navigate this part of your immediate future.

My goal is to prepare you for being uncomfortable, which includes the expected and unexpected. Throughout this process, you will have work to do, because, in prison, neither your attorneys nor I will be there with you.

What is the work: starting with developing your narrative which could take weeks – months of preparation, once you’re inside it starts over again, but now you’re on the up – and then downhill slide of the bell curve.

But if you follow the process we have laid out and avoided any disciplinary infractions, your time through the BOP into Halfway House, to Home, and finally off Supervised Release could be expedited.

For More On Federal Sentencing – See My YouTube Series:

I) Facing Federal Prison  and/or II) White-Collar FBI Target

You’ve Been Found Guilty – Now What?

Dr. Blatstein – Your Advocate 

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Recommended: www.BOP.gov for updated individual facility information.


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