Dr. Marc Blatstein

I have been practicing for more than 30 years, providing quality patient care, and the privilege of practicing a discipline I love. 

Approximately two decades ago, due to a white-collar crime, I was convicted of a felony, while there was never any issue regarding the quality of patient care provided, I took responsibility for my actions. Had I known at the time what a Personal Narrative, Allocution, or Reentry Plan was, I would have worked hard at drafting them and included them here. As I didn’t at the time, I am more than willing to share my experiences.

After my release and the support from colleagues, my medical license was restored in full and remains current allowing me to advise justice-impacted persons and their families as they struggle through this life-altering event. It was at that time I founded The Physician Presentence Report Service LLC.

Understanding that no one can “promise,” what a judge or BOP will do, along with my experience being unprepared at each stage of the sentencing process and entering the BOP, I changed careers to focus on PREPARATION: SELF-ADVOCACY and REENTRY PLANNING. I want to earn your trust and show you, that you can be prepared and start to take back some control of your life, rebuild confidence, and prepare for your Interview and Sentencing Hearing.

My company name was chosen due to the importance of the Presentence Report (also called The Inmates BIBLE). It is critical in determining how STAKEHOLDERS will impact your future, both before, during, and after your release from prison.

At Your Sentencing Hearing, Judges will have read your Personal Narrative and Reentry/Release Plan and will want to speak directly with you (which is your Allocution). Part of the conversation is the judge asking you, what is your plan to not re-offend?

The unknown is all very unnerving, I know because I’ve been there. Sharing my experiences in The Sentencing Process and BOP, together with my medical background, will get you through this. This is Temporary – but how you use this time is something you owe to yourself and your family. As hard as you prepare in your defense, keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed – but the work that you do, either way, the sentencing goes will still benefit you in the long run.

Learn From My Mistakes

So you Don’t Make Yours


If You Suspect You’re The Target of a Federal Investigation | Before The Presentence Interview (PSI) | After The PSI – But Before The Sentencing Hearing | After Sentencing or You’re Already Incarcerated | There Are Still Things We Can Do

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Did the FBI Wake You With Their Early ‘AM’ Knock – Do any of these apply?
Are you the target of a government investigation?
Are you a White-Collar professional facing the feds?
Are you an elected official who’s been charged with corruption?
Is your successful corporate or business career that took years to build, now facing federal charges?

If Yes – I can help you because I’ve been where you are now.
 “I was that deer in headlights.

  • Learn what you can do that may reduce the impact of your sentence.
  • What are your preparation steps: 1st) your personal narrative, 2nd) your allocation 3rd) do you have a website, 4th) your Reentry Plan, 5th) your Presentence Interview Preparation?
  • What will you do in prison to work towards an earlier release?
  • What will you do to be prepared for your Sentencing Hearing, and
  • How will you respond to the judge, should he/she ask you questions?
  • Do you know what to expect, see, or do once you arrive in a BOP facility?

If you’ve been indicted – you need legal representation as the FBI and US Attorney are famous for having an incredibly high rate of convictions at over 98%.

* You are Your Best Advocate, it’s Your, Hearing, Interview, and Narrative: that will dictate your future. Don’t leave your future solely in your attorney’s hands – if you want an outside consultant, this is your life…

 Be prepared – it’s your turn to decide the makeup of this part of your defense team.

Dr. Blatstein still feels there is a need to pass on his:

My goal is to prepare you for being uncomfortable (frustration happens A Lot), which includes the expected and unexpected. Throughout this process, you will have work to do, because, in prison, neither your attorneys nor I will be there with you.

What is the work: starting with developing your personal narrative which could take weeks – months of preparation. Once inside, you participate in the First Step Act Programs and read books (both documented in journals) that will teach you new things – contributing to your Incremental Improvement and knowledge – AKA: REENTRY PLANNING. No matter how long, this part is Temporary.

If you follow the process we have laid out and avoided any disciplinary infractions, your time through the BOP into Halfway House, to Home, and finally off Supervised Release could be expedited.

For More On Federal Sentencing – See My YouTube Series:

I) Facing Federal Prison  and/or II) White-Collar FBI Target

You’ve Been Found Guilty – Now What?

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For a personal, one-on-one call with me to discuss your current issue, or that of a loved one,  give me a call (240.888.7778). If I cannot answer, please leave me your name, number, and a brief message, as I make every effort to return all of my calls – that same day. Marc


Recommended: www.BOP.gov for updated individual facility information.

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