You’ve been found Guilty | What you do next will determine your future!

Dr. Blatstein’s experience. 

Preparation for The Presentence Interview (PSI) cannot be overstated, your future depends on it.

Why? The Probation Officer (PO), the court’s representative, will conduct The Presentence Interview (PSI) with you, which is a detailed overview of your entire background.

  • But long before the P.O. meets with you, it’s helpful for your attorney to connect with your Probation Officer and learn their “dictation deadline”, or the date that the final PSR draft is due to their supervisor and the date for your interview.
    • The Presentence Report’s content is derived from all the information the officer has learned from you, and your defense team.
  • This is why it’s best that the defense strategies are organized and documented before the Presentence Interview (PSI) has even begun,
  • The completed version that your attorneys want the court to see can be provided to the P.O., with the goal of it being included in their final drafting of your client’s Presentence Report (PSR).
  • Further, as probation officers are often overworked, and have no time, some will actually appreciate your efforts, should it help reduce their workload.

Meanwhile, you have been,

  1. Collecting copies of your medical records
    • Hospital, laboratory, radiology, physician, surgical, prescription, and medical devices.
      • All of these take time, and they all have more important things to do (like patient care) rather than collecting charts for legal purposes.
  2. Other copies of records:
    • Educational, military, character, community, work references, original birth certificates, social security card, license, etc, and, you get the picture.

Then the date comes for the interview with The Probation Officer (P.O.), stay calm, you’ll do fine. You ARE prepared, Right?

  • After interviewing (you),
  • The PO will do their investigation, verifying all that you have told them, as well as verifying all of the documents that have been provided.
  • Their next step is to draft the official Presentence Report (Blatstein et al., 2021, p 43-51), which they will provide to the court. All of the attachments you provided should be included in the PSR and will impact your future.
    • They will likely provide both sentencing and BOP placement recommendations to the court at this point.

This is why the PSI is the best opportunity for your legal team to get their “message on the record”, and into the Presentence Report (PSR), before it reaches the court.

  • The Presentence Report could suggest a BOP Placement request with supporting reasons “why”, or
  • Requesting that the court consider other “relevant conduct”, to look beyond the offense of conviction to what actually happened – but
  • once the PSI is done, and the official PSR has been drafted, getting it changed is a big ask.
    • Requesting to add new content after that date is possible, but nothing is guaranteed. Where there is further biographical information,
      • Your attorney could request to email it to your P.O. by category so that the P.O. could simply copy-paste it into the appropriate categories.

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4 Reasons How The Presentence Report can impact your life.

I) The Judge uses it to determine the length of your sentence:

II) The BOP places you based on your;

  • Medical Need 
  • Security Requirement 
  • Criminogenic Need, Risk Assessment

III) Probation uses it during Supervised Release

IV) Last: It Remains on Your Record For Life


Don’t let this be a missed opportunity!

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