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    If You Suspect You’re The Target of a Federal Investigation | Before The Presentence Interview (PSI) | After The PSI – But Before The Sentencing Hearing | or After Sentencing or You’re Already Incarcerated – There Are Still Things – At All Levels, We Can Do

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    The content I’ve included, along with my 30+ years in practice, and the BOP due to a white-collar conviction, has provided me with the answers to almost all of your questions and concerns.

    Through our website, YouTube channel, and various other social media venues; FaceBook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you may not even need a consult, although I’m just an email away.

    Through my “Resources” Pages for both families and attorneys, I’ve provided direct links to most of the BOP Forms and Program Statements available, followed by regular updates.

    Engagement is best before the Presentence Interview (or better yet), just after you have detected a whisper, or heard a rumor that the FBI has been asking questions.

    Should you find yourself at any place in the ‘process’, even if you’re already in the criminal justice system/incarcerated, send me some of your background information and contact number/email, and I’ll get back to you.


    Several of my patients had brought these activities to my attention, but I just thought this was all a big “mistake”.

    As hindsight is 20/20, I wish I would have done things differently, but I didn’t –  please don’t repeat my blunder!

    Learn From My Mistakes,

    I strive to personally provide quality one-on-one time by preparing you,

    • In the drafting of your Personal Narrative
    • In preparing you for your Presentence Interview, as it becomes your Presentence Report,
    • Then develop the best and most appropriate BOP Placement options for you, to be used in your placement request to the court. 
    • The steps you can take while incarcerated – noting,
      1. The FSA Programs you’re taking,
      2. Books you’re reading that are inspiring you to ‘do’ better towards Reentry,
      3. Noting all of this for your Unit Team and Case Managers,
      4. Providing copies for them and you on each visit


    Free Consultation – Without Any Obligations

    My goal is to provide you and your family with a service to help you through this life-altering event. I promise to answer all your questions and concerns before we get to work, as I do not want you to have any doubts before proceeding. The huge entity that The Federal BOP is, promises will be made and broken, timelines not kept, rules broken, and as a person in prison, the feelings of despair – discomfort – frustration and the like will become all too frequent.

    As you realize this, remember this too, becoming comfortable with → Being Uncomfortable is how they intend for you to feel,

    • But if you follow our process, and stay with the program, with no infractions; This Will Be a Temporary Event – No Matter How Long.

    Keep in mind that no consultant or attorney can promise any outcome. Review our online information and give me a call for a consult, without any financial obligation.

    Let’s take the next step and answer your questions. Marc



    1st: Hourly Option – ($255/Hour), 3-hour minimum, then  $325 per hour

    • Your Personal Narrative. The most critical component could take time to develop as it is your opportunity to explain yourself to the judge. This is an important and complex part of your Presentence Interview (PSI), Presentence Report (PSR), and the overall Sentencing Process. It can result in a departure from the guidelines, and that could be in your favor.

    2nd: Presentence Interview Preparation $8500.00 – Begins with an intake encounter form, similar to the same history form that you fill out when you first see your own family doctor. This allows the process to begin in an organized manner by gathering the initial content that is needed to prepare the details for the Probation Officer to draft their Presentence Report – which accurately reflects your biographical background and message to the court. This is separate from and does not include the Personal Narrative. The charge referenced reflects the time and effort needed in the majority of cases, if during our consultation, should your case have an unusual complexity, we could re-visit that cost together.

    It consists of the Interlinked Parts [I and II] below. During our conference consultation, we’ll review your case, questions, and concerns, and should this component – part of your case not be unusually complicated, we’ll agree and proceed.

    Once we agree, our retainer agreement along with the initial invoice will be emailed. After the signed copy is returned and the retainer deposited, the work for both of us is started.**

    For best results – Early Engagement is Best.

    The Presentence Report Defines Who You Are, and Is Used By:
    1. The Judge – Depends on it to sentence you to the length of time in prison and recommended placement.
    2. The Prosecutor.
    3. The BOP – Takes The Information That You Provided To:

    * Place or Designate you To A Specific Prison according to your,
    * Medical and Mental Healthcare Needs, 
    ** Medication Availability
    * Security Requirements,
    * Programming Needs (e.g., RDAP, Anger, Psychology Specific and Security Req.),
    * It will influence all decisions made by BOP staff regarding Programming, jobs, bunks, RDAP eligibility, early release, Visits ETC, GTC, and Halfway House.

    4. It will determine how quickly you get to Halfway House/RRC/Home

    5. Probation – Supervised Release: It will Influence your Probation Officer’s opinion of you
    6. Last – It Remains in Your File – For Life.
    This is why The Presentence Report has earned the title of The Inmates Bible.


    Our Comprehensive Option includes all of the categories listed below.

    I) Preparation For The Presentence Interview

    • We will initially cover your Medical and Mental Healthcare history because:
      • Healthcare in prison is provided through a CARE LEVEL I-IV Structure. 
      • Prescriptions;
        • Verification of your Medication availability, are they…
        • On Formulary, Non-Formulary, (requires a lengthy preauthorization process) – What to do to avoid getting them delayed?
        • Not Available – what is the best next step for counsel?
        • There are approximately 3500, divided into 3 Tiers,
        • COVID, have you had your vaccines
      • Medical Co-Payments – do I have to pay?
    • Pregnancy: BOP Mint Programs – A National Look at Prison Nurseries
    • RDAP Eligible?
    • COVID Modified Operational Levels( of 7/2022 
    • Other Histories Reviewed
      • Work, Criminal, Social, Familial, Military
    • USSC Security Requirements – Point Scored, Criminal History vs Offense Level
    • BOP Placement
    • Military Veteran:
      • There is 1 facility in the BOP that has a dedicated wing just for veterans,
    • If a camp is a choice, FPC and Satellite Minimum Camps
      • But, program availability can never be guaranteed

    II) Preparation: Personalized BOP Placement Options

    Supporting your reasoning as to why the placement request is being made,

    • using BOP Guideline Manuals and Program Statements where appropriate.
    • Self-Surrendering instructions
    • What to bring when self-surrendering,
    • Western Union, to be used for monthly deposits.
    • Legal papers are allowed.
    • List of personal names (including phone numbers and addresses).
    • I provide a personalized BOP Placement Packet (Example – Alderson).

    There is no implied or otherwise guaranteed final prison placement, medical and medication availability, or program enrollment.

    The BOP has the final say on ‘All Inmate Issues’, once incarcerated, placement and program enrollment may vary.

    In addition to the defense team’s insight into their client’s background and defense strategy, PPRS Prison Match™ is meant to be used solely as a ‘mitigation aide‘ in the sentencing and prison placement decision-making process.

    Dr. MB

    ** Does not include unexpected changes in your case or defense strategy, or travel, (with associated expenses), should that be deemed necessary.
    These are recommendations only from PPRS/PPRSUS, the final responsibility lies with the legal team, court, and BOP.