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I aim to answer all of your questions and concerns because, in the end, I want to earn your trust. I understand this life-altering event because I have lived it, and I want you to feel that I have delivered above your expectations – and have No Regrets. 


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    Your attorney has taken you this far, The Rest Is Up to You.
    Your Sentencing Hearing and Presentence Interview Is Coming – and Will Change Your Life.
    Today, Are You Prepared to Speak to Your Judge?

    What is the ‘1’ Thing that Differentiates You from Everyone Else entering your Judge’s Courtroom?


    1. The Judge Already Knows,
      • that The DOJ wants Jail time
      • that the Prosecutor wants a conviction and
      • that your Attorney is paid to keep you out of prison or at best, spending the least amount of time “in prison“.
    2. Help the Judge Understand Who You Areand why You Deserve Leniency
    3. What Changed in Your Life – That Caused You to Break the Law?
    4. Now is the Time For You To Invest In Yourself No One Can Change their PastBut You Can Change Your Future
    5. Writing your story, through Your Narrative tells the Judge how you came to this point in your life.  This is an arduous, self-reflective experience for you to go through, forcing a face-to-face with your innermost thoughts. It may require you to enlist someone with federal sentencing mitigation experience to guide you in drafting your narrative, but this is the story of your life and requires your participation.

    Taking weeks to months to complete, can result in a distilled version of yourself that is honest and pure, a version where you have Remorse, Accept Responsibility, and Identify with the Victims of the Crime You Perpetrated.

    This resulting Narrative or Your Story – is quite the opposite of the DOJ’s Indictment Narrative, which has already been read by your Judge. As you stand at your sentencing hearing anticipating your conversation with the court (your Allocution), you may also realize that the process of writing your narrative has been an unexpectedly cathartic experience. Speaking from the heart, could influence the court and ‘may’ impact your sentence…

    Now – Do You Feel More Prepared to Speak with Your Judge?

    The content I’ve included, along with my 30+ years in practice, and experience in the BOP due to a white-collar conviction, has provided me with the answers to almost all of your questions and concerns and how to craft your Sentence Mitigation Strategy.

    Through my website, YouTube channel, Podcast, and various other social media venues you may find the tools you need to do this on your own, for Free. Whether using these free services or engaging mine or someone else’s services,  whatever you choose will impact your Presentence Report, your interaction with your Judge, and your pathway home with confidence and dignity as you embark into your new future. Best, Dr. MJB

     As large as The Federal BOP is, expect promises to be made and broken, timelines not kept, and at times rules broken. As a person in prison, despair, discomfort, frustration, and the like will become all too frequent and familiar. 

    Keep in mind that no consultant or attorney, or any special relationship with any judge can promise any outcome – if it sounds too easy or too good to be true, NEXT. This takes hard work and Self-Advocacy on your part.

    Let’s take the next step and answer your questions. Marc 


    I) PREPARATION: Personal Narrative Allocution • Release/Reentry PlanningPre-Surrender Checklist • Self-Surrender List (of what to bring) • Financial Responsibility Program (FRP) • and Character Letter Guidance – From People That Know You

    1. Personal Narrative. Your only opportunity to speak directly to the Judge and share your personal history, accept responsibility, and remorse, and explain why you will not revisit this courtroom again. This is the Judges 1st and only time to meet and speak (your Allocution) with you – he really does not want to see you back in this courtroom on a criminal matter, again. This can be in written, video, or both formats.
    2. Character Reference letters
    3. Sentence Mitigation Video (Helpful, this can be professionally done with us, or with a smartphone)

    II) * Scoring 

    1. Public Safety Factors vs Management Variables (Approximate),
    2. Criminal History vs Offense Level (Approximate)

    Your Probation Officer will be scoring you, it makes sense that you be prepared, as this could impact your sentence and placement.

    III) PREPARATION: Presentence Interview and optimal BOP Placement Facility with supporting BOP Programs

    The Presentence Interview is done by the Courts Representative, The Probation Officer (PO), who will try to learn as much about your as they can – in a short period of time. After they have spoken with The Prosecutor and Googled You, they will have learned all of the Negative Information available online, provided by the DOJ. Then they will concentrate on conducting their Presentence Interview of you, followed by their Investigation.

    After they have assembled all of your biographical background information, they will write your official Presentence Report, which is then passed to the Judge, along with recommendations regarding your sentencing and placement.

    1. First, your legal team is currently prepping for the date of your Presentence Interview.
      • They work to establish 1st contact with your Probation Officer (PO) before they learn more about you, so they are not biased against you – before you ever meet,
      • They will quickly learn 1) what the Officer knows, 2) provides the opportunity to explain their client’s defense strategy, 3) you now have a timeline regarding The Interview Date, along with the Documents you need, and 4) The Dictation Date Deadline – which is when their final Presentence Report of you is due to their supervisor.
    2. You begin to assemble your Biographical Information
      • Highest education level achieved
      • Identification documentation
      • Character Letters
      • Past and First Work Character Letters
      • Military Service, what branch, type of discharge, and highest rank.
      • Past Medical (and Mental Healthcare) Care History
        • Comprehensive Medical and Mental Healthcare Profile Development 
          • Mental Healthcare needs directly matched to FSA Specific Programs
          • Your Medication list checked for availability according to the BOP 3 Tier Formulary
    3.  Pregnancy:
    4. RDAP Eligible, if yes – include it, there are minimal negative repercussions.
    5. 18 U.S. Code § 3553 – The imposition of a Sentence, addressing other factors could be considered.
    6. COVID Modified Operational Levels ( for those concerned who are self-surrendering 2022/2023
    7. Also, answering the question regarding, who listens to the ‘AM’ Radio Station: W.I.I.F.M., all the time?
    8. I provide you and your legal team with; 1) a personalized, court-ready BOP Placement Packet, and 2) supporting reasons for the request, with the appropriate documentation; Medical Care, First Step Act Programming, or other pertinent issues. (Example – Alderson)
    9. A Surrender list of what to bring, and a Pre-Surrender Checklist of what to prepare for you and your family

    When To Make Your BOP PLacement Request To The Court 





    IV) Our Presentence Investigation Report 

    We can also provide an “alternative presentence investigation report” for the defense so that it could be submitted to the court for consideration. This may also include the expense of additional experts.

    If You Suspect You’re The Target of a Federal Investigation | Before The Presentence Interview (PSI) | After The PSI – But Before The Sentencing Hearing | or After Sentencing or You’re Already Incarcerated – There Are Still Things – At All Levels, We Can Do

    We are not Attorneys, you need legal representation.

    There is no implied or otherwise guaranteed final prison placement, medical and medication availability, or program enrollment.

    The BOP has the final say on ‘All Inmate Issues’, once incarcerated, placement and program enrollment may vary.

    In addition to the defense team’s insight into their client’s background and defense strategy, PPRS Prison Match™ is meant to be used solely as a ‘mitigation aide‘ in the sentencing and prison placement decision-making.

    Fees do not include unexpected changes in your case, defense strategy, or travel (with associated expenses), should that be deemed necessary.
    These are recommendations only from Dr. Blatstein/PPRS/PPRSUS, the final responsibility lies with the legal team, court, and BOP.