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Program Description is taken from The First Step Act Approved Program Guide,  1/2022 The Family Programming Series is a 5-part gender-responsive and trauma-informed care curriculum for incarcerated women and men, which is grounded in evidence-based practices of: cognitive behavioral therapy; motivational interviewing; the transtheoretical model of behavior change; and interactive journaling. The program is designed to support participants in strengthening family relationships during
incarceration and after release. The program consists of a Women’s Family Program Series and a Men’s Family Program Series designed to address the unique challenges faced by offenders and families during incarceration. Components include: changing family dynamics, building a healthy partnership, connecting with family, becoming a caregiver, and parenting skills in prison and beyond. The program also includes interactive activities with family members and interactive videos that can be utilized during visitation to promote healthy family relationships.

Employees should consult the program material for the length and duration of the class. Program materials and updated SENTRY codes are located under the FSA Programs link on the Reentry Services Division Sallyport page.

Needs Addressed Family/Parenting; Cognitions
Program Delivery To ensure program fidelity and proper credit, Family Programming Series must be delivered by the Special Populations Program Coordinator, Social Worker, Reentry Affairs Coordinator, Unit Team or qualified volunteer.
Institution Locations Available at all BOP institutions.