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Program Description Taken from The First Step Act Approved Program Guide 1/2022 Women’s Career Skills is designed to assist participants learn, develop, and practice advanced skills for a fruitful career. This includes managing their daily habits, preparing for vocational training enrollment, and planning for reentry job and career acquisition. This program includes four modules:
Communicating at Work
1. Communication Skills
2. Workplace Technology
3. Responsible Digital Use

Planning Ahead
1. Critical Thinking
2. Problem Solving
3. Goal Setting

Connecting with Others
1. Practicing Empathy
2. Understanding Culture
3. Managing Conflict

Personal Growth
1. Self-management
2. Self-acceptance
3. Personal Resilience

Each journal builds on the previous information for the next module in the series.
This curriculum includes Interactive Journals, Facilitator Guides, and Companion DVDs.
Employees should consult the program material for the length and duration of the class. Program materials and updated SENTRY codes are located under the FSA Programs link on the Reentry Services Division Sallyport page.

Time Frame
Needs Addressed Finance/Poverty and Work
Program Delivery To ensure program fidelity and proper credit, Women’s Career Skills must be delivered by a Special Populations Coordinator, qualified volunteer, or contractor.
Institution Locations Available at all BOP institutions with designated females.