Copayments for Medical Visits – BOP Policy

Copayments for Medical Visits – BOP Policy

Examples of No Copay With Staff Referrals

• Blood pressure monitoring;

• Glucose monitoring;

• Insulin injections;

• Chronic Care Clinics;

• Testing for tuberculosis;

• Vaccinations;

• Wound care; and

• Patient education, etc.

Follow-up treatment for chronic conditions

• Preventive healthcare services;

• Emergency services;

• Prenatal care;

• Diagnosis or treatment of chronic infectious diseases;

• Mental health care; or

• Substance abuse treatment

Here – Yes, you must pay a $2 Copay, if [§549.70(b), Page 2]

  1. You are charged with or convicted of an offense against the US
  2. You have injured another inmate and must pay for their care
  3. You requested a visit that was Not an Emergency, and you didn’t get a staff referral.
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