FEDERAL INDICTMENT: The Types of Sentences and Probation

FEDERAL INDICTMENT: The Types of Sentences and Probation

The Types of Sentences and Probation

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Hello, and thank you for tuning into my Video series, YOU’RE INDICTED AND FACING PRISON: NOW WHAT?

My name is Marc Blatstein. In 2006, I, too, was Indicted and convicted of a felony, and I lost my medical license. To call this a life-altering event, at best, is an understatement. With work, I was able to get my license reinstated.

Prison is Temporary.

My goal in this series is to provide you with the information you’ll need to survive and navigate these times because Knowledge and Preparation will help build back the Confidence you’ll need throughout this process.

·      Since you’ve heard that the DOJ and Feds have been asking questions, their case against you is mostly complete, with a 98% Conviction Rate.

·      Delaying to act now is at your peril.

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Diversion programs?

Pre-Trial Detention programs vary by district and are determined by the local U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services, the district court, the federal public defender’s office, treatment or service providers, and other participant organizations.

·      Each U.S. Attorney’s Office develops its own policies.

·      The offender is forced to admit their crime to the prosecutor and sign a written confession.

·      Only the prosecutor can decide if the diversion contract was fulfilled.

·      The diversion program often ends around twelve months, which might not be enough time for the offender to reform.

Three categories:

1)  Providing sentencing alternatives at the time of conviction;

2)  Providing sanctioning alternatives to revocation; and

3)  Reducing the future likelihood of recidivism.

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1.  Straight probation: even if you complete the probation, You’re still a Felon

2.  “Deferred adjudication probation:” When you complete the probation, charges are dismissed

3.   Split Sentence (serve time first): for defendants who fall into Zone C of the Federal Sentencing Table.

4. In a “reverse split sentence,” the defendant is sentenced to a term of probation, which may be followed by incarceration or if another crime is committed during Supervised Release.

5.  Suspended Sentence: A postponed or delayed sentence often follows a plea bargain.

6.  Violated probation: results in your probation being revoked.

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