How To Mail Journal Notebooks To Loved Ones

How To Mail Journal Notebooks To Loved Ones

FSA - First step act

To mail journal notebooks to someone in the BOP, here are the rules;

Inmates may also receive up to five magazines (no sexually explicit material) or paperback books per day.

Paperback books sent in a package

  • must have the contents annotated on the outside of the box
  • (IE… 5 paperback books enclosed per BOP policy), and
  • only the books may be in the package.

Books, magazines, and photos are the basic items that an inmate may receive from family and friends.

No Hard-covered books

  • (no padded covers, no enclosed CD/DVD) and/or newspapers
  • only from a publisher, distributor, or bookseller (IE…, Walden
  • Signature Planner Journals?

A journal Notebook is critical to keeping a daily record of all that you:

I) Read, answering these questions,

  • Why you choose the author
  • What you learned from the subject matter
  • What is the practical applicable application that you can take – and apply once to your new career once you are released?

II) The same documentation will be applied once you begin taking your FSA Programs, plus identifying the best characteristics of the presenter.

III) Together, these will begin to demonstrate to your Case Manager and Unit Team your Incremental Improvements as you progress through this process.

Blank journals, diaries, address books, daily planners, card stock, construction paper, hobby craft materials, or sketchbooks

  • are not authorized for receipt.
  • Inmates also cannot receive any food items, clothing, or electronic media (CD, DVDs, flash drives, etc…).
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