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BOP BRAVE Program – For Those New To Federal Prison

FSA - First step act

BOP BRAVE Program 

A part of The First Step Act – Admission Criteria

A 6-month program designed to facilitate favorable initial adjustment to incarceration – for young males new to federal prison, serving their first sentence in a medium facility.  Photo Credit: The Marshall Project


BOP Brave Program – Admission Criteria:

I- Designed for medium security male inmates.

II- The inmate is 32 years old or younger.

III- They will be serving a sentence of 60 months or more, and is their 1st time in the BOP.

IV- The program is assigned at the beginning of their sentence.

The responsibility for your client’s mental and physical health should be safeguarded in order to protect them from themselves (and others) while providing a safe environment for the duration of their incarceration.

This should be the responsibility of the legal counsel, the court, and BOP.


The BRAVE Program is located at the following federal prison facilities:


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