The Presentence Report (PSR); Thoughts On Preparation – Narrative – COVID

The Presentence Report (PSR); Thoughts On Preparation – Narrative – COVID

The Presentence Report (PSR)

I) Preparation 

  • This includes an inclusive biographical history:
  • Past and Current Medical and Mental Healthcare needs
  • Medications
  • Substance abuse
  • Medical Devices needed
  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living), PADL (Prison Activities of Daily Living)

II) Your Narrative

  • Express remorse, while still understanding the victim’s pain, suffering, and how it has impacted them.
  • Agree with the court as to the seriousness of the crime, without minimizing it. Expand on this topic
  • What in your life brought you to this moment, what happened that caused you to do this?
  • What has this experience taught you? Did it bring up moments from your past?
  • Explain to the Judge that you have a plan (only if you do),
    • to start making this right with those you have victimized –
    • or if you have already started, what are they,
    • no matter how small those efforts have been?
  • If it’s been a year or so since your verdict, what have you been doing?
    • (1)Working, (2)volunteering, or watching: (3)TV (only options 1 and 2 are correct).
  • What is your plan to never re-offend? If there was a “trigger,” what was that trigger, and how do you remove it from your life?

III) COVID, unfortunately, will be with us for a long time, like the seasonal Flu.

  • Unfortunately, it is much more lethal.long covid
  • 2022/2023, We’ve gone from pandemic to endemic
  • Practically all that means is that as a society:
    • Some believe in prevention and others do not
    • The result is that while influenza has a ~ 52K deaths / per year
    • COVID and its variants may be 10 x as much
  • More importantly, new strains are more than likely to present themselves, and masks along with new technology in indoor air filtering are in our future.
  • Long-COVID, Long-Haulers, or Post-COVID; these symptoms may be mitigating factors to present before the presentence interview as no jail, or prison (state or federal) is equipped to provide the necessary care.
    • Beyond that, this would not be a qualifier for either 100% CARE LEVEL III or ADL as the symptoms could keep one between sleep, the bathroom, meals, and at best a short walk.
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