Hello, and thank you for tuning into my Video series, INDICTED AND FACING PRISON: NOW WHAT?

My goal in this series is to provide you with the crucial information you’ll need to survive and navigate these times. I’ll cover a new topic every day so that you can move forward with the Knowledge, Preparation, and Confidence you’ll need to get the best outcome.

  • Since you know that the DOJ and Feds have been asking questions, their case against you is mostly complete. And, with a 98% Conviction Rate the odds are you’re going to prison.
  • Knowledge is power, and now it’s in your hands. Delaying to take the next step is at your peril. The consequences of inaction can be severe.
  • Equally important is hiring a legal team that doesn’t just have experience but a proven track record of successfully defending cases like yours. Your future is at stake, and making the right choices now is crucial.

Should you learn that the FBI has been asking questions, or you’ve received a target letter inviting you to a “Meeting,” or you’ve been ordered to appear before a Grand Jury, you need to take this seriously.

  • Why? Because the DOJ’s and FBI’s case against you is mostly complete, and in the Federal System, over 95% of inmates go to prison. You’ll hear about this more in future segments of this program series.

This is a surreal experience; it’s serious, and you’ll have much to do.

  • One of the very first things you will need to do is begin interviewing attorneys. Which attorney you choose is likely the most important decision you’ll need to make. Why? Because it does you no good to hire a federal criminal defense attorney with experience in taxes – if your case is Drug- or Healthcare-related.

If you’re already at this point and don’t have the time to wait for my future videos, call me, and we can discuss your situation one-on-one. Once again, my number is 240.888.7778.

  • There are ~ 13 key questions to ask when interviewing attorneys. I’ll discuss those 13 questions in depth in future Videos.

If you’re already at this point and don’t have the time to wait for my future videos, give me a call, and we can discuss your situation one-on-one. Once again, my number is 240.888.7778.

NEXT: You have a choice, Trial or Plea, but know this: 99% of defendants who go to trial will lose. If you lose at trial, the sentence will be harsher. So, be honest with yourself. If you believe that You Are Guilty, the sooner you tell your lawyer and they let the government know, this may reduce your sentence.

But either way, all is not lost. There are things you can do to help yourself get a lesser sentence. In future videos, I’ll discuss how you can get a shorter sentence. Things like a Cooperation agreement, how to make an ally of the Probation Officer who will write your Presentence Report, how to use Character Letters and other ways to lessen your sentence.

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