You are Federally Indicted – What To Do First?

You are Federally Indicted – What To Do First?

You are Federally Indicted – What To Do First?

You need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney specializing in White-Collar Defense.

Together, You Decide on Your Strategy: Trial or plea, as 98% of cases do. Here, you need an attorney who specializes in Mitigating Your Sentence.

  • If Prison is inevitable, start preparing for your Presentence Interview and Personal Narrative – ASAP.

Presentence Interview Preparation is Next, and it Controls Your Life.

Probation Officers conduct the Presentence Interview (PSI) and write the official Presentence Report (PSR) to the Judge and Court.

In reading how attorneys prepare for the PSI, I side with those who believe in being proactive and drafting their own memorandum that contains the information needed for the PSR and providing it to the Probation Officers before the Presentence Interview – Getting Your Message On The Record.

Why being Proactive with your Presentence Interview is best, is because this is the beginning of your Presentence Report (PSR)

  • Probation officers are very busy and appreciate having some of the work already completed.
  • It allows the legal team to get Your message into the record.

The Presentence Report (PSR), Controls Your Life :

In the trial, you will need a Trial Attorney in whom you have confidence.

  • They will review with you the strength of your case.
  • The US Attorney simultaneously makes it more difficult for you if you lose,
  • with the penalty resulting in more jail time.
  • But if you and your attorney are confident and in the right, then stay strong!

Has ‘2’ outcomes that I am aware of:

  1. You win, are proven innocent, and go home.
  2. You are found guilty, then back to preparation for your Presentence Interview.
  • Preceded by the Presentence Interview (PSI) and Presentence Report (PSR): Next, and it Controls Your Life.

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