FSA – Assert Yourself for Female Offenders 2022

Learn more, as this is part of The First Step Act

Program Description Taken from The First Step Act Approved Program Guide 1/2022 This program for incarcerated women promotes interpersonal effectiveness and targets behavior that can lead women to feel helpless about their lives. The majority of female offenders are survivors of abuse and struggle with low self-esteem. In this program, women learn to be assertive while respecting the boundaries of others. Through homework assignments and roleplay, women practice skills learned throughout the program.
Time Frame
Hours This program is typically completed in 8 hours.
Needs Addressed Cognitions and Family/Parenting
Program Delivery To ensure program fidelity and proper credit, Assert Yourself for Female Offenders is to be delivered by a Special Population Program Coordinator or Unit Team Staff.
Institution Locations FPC Alderson
FCI Aliceville
MDC Brooklyn
FPC Bryan
FMC Carswell
MCC Chicago
SCP Coleman
FSL/SPC Danbury
FCI Dublin
SCP Greenville
MDC Guaynabo
SFF Hazelton
FDC Honolulu
FDC Houston
SCP Lexington
MDC Los Angeles
SCP Marianna
FDC Miami
FTC Oklahoma
City SCP Pekin
FDC Philadelphia
SCP Phoenix
MCC San Diego
FDC SeaTac
FCI Tallahassee
FCC Tucson
SCP Victorville
FCI Waseca