FSA EBRR, Dialectical Behavior Therapy 2022

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Program Description is taken from The First Step Act Approved Program Guide,  1/2022 Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a cognitive behavioral treatment teaching self-management of emotions and distress.

This program is specifically for individuals who engage in self-directed violence, such as self-cutting, suicidal thoughts, urges, and suicide attempts. The types of skills discussed and practiced include, but are not limited to, mindfulness skills, distress tolerance skills, emotion regulation skills, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. This treatment protocol is 2 hours in length for 25 sessions.

Time Frame
Hours This program is typically completed in 50 hours.
Needs Addressed Cognitions, Mental Health, and Trauma
Program Delivery To ensure program fidelity and proper credit, Dialectical Behavior Therapy must be delivered by Psychology Services staff.
Institution Locations Available at all BOP institutions.