FSA – Illness Management and Recovery 2022

Learn more, as this is part of The First Step Act

Program Description is taken from The First Step Act Approved Program Guide,  1/2022 Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) is a consumer-oriented psychological treatment protocol for individuals diagnosed with serious mental illness. It is composed of ten modules and can be completed through weekly sessions over the course of a year.

Topics include recovery strategies, practical facts about mental illness, the stress-vulnerability model, building social support, using medication effectively, reducing relapses, and coping with stress, problems, and symptoms. IMR is considered a front-line intervention for the treatment of serious mental illness.

Time Frame
Hours This program is typically completed in 60 hours.
Needs Addressed Mental Health
Program Delivery To ensure program fidelity and proper credit, Illness Management and Recovery must be delivered by Psychology Services staff.
Institution Locations Available at all BOP institutions.