Life Connections Program (LCP)

Program Description The LCP is a residential faith-based program offered to inmates of all faith traditions, including for those who do not hold to a religious preference. This program is available to offenders at low, medium, and high security facilities. The goal of LCP is to provide opportunities for the development and maturation of the participants’ commitment to normative values and responsibilities, resulting in overall changed behavior and better institutional adjustments. In addition, the participants receive life skills and practical tools and strategies to assist them in transitioning back to society once released from federal custody.
Time Frame LCP is an 18 month program in which participants attend classes and meetings, Monday through Friday afternoons for approximately four hours per day, as well as evening mentoring sessions and seminars. In addition, the participants participate in their respective faith services and chapel programs during the evening and weekend hours.
Admission Criteria Program admission criteria are as follows:

  • Low and medium security male offenders within 24 to 36 months of their projected release date.
  • High security male offenders with 30 months or more prior to their projected release date.
  • Low security female offenders with 30 months or more prior to their projected release date.
  • Must not have a written deportation order.
  • Must not be on Financial Responsibility Program (FRP) Refuse status.
  • Must have met English as a Second Langue (ESL) and GED obligations.
  • Must receive a recommendation from relevant staff (Chaplain, Unit Team, and Associate Warden) and approval from the Warden.
Program Content The objectives of the program are to use secular outcome-based objectives that foster personal growth and responsibility and to correct inmates’ relationships with their victim(s) and the community. The program facilitates the practice of one’s personal belief system, whether secular or religious, to bring reconciliation and restoration, and to take responsibility for their criminal behavior. In addition, community organizations and volunteers at the inmates’ release destinations serve as mentors to assist and support the participants upon their release.
Empirical Support The LCP materials and workbooks are based on interactive journaling which was listed on SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).
Applicable Policies Operations Memorandum 003-2013 (5325).
Institution Locations The Life Connections Program is available at the following facilities:

Mid-Atlantic Region North Central Region South Central Region
FCI Petersburg, VA-Low USP Leavenworth, KS-Medium
FCI Milan, MI-Low
USP Terre Haute, IN-High
FMC Carswell, TX-Med. Ctr. (Female)