FSA – The Female Integrated Treatment (FIT) Program

Program Description The Female Integrated Treatment (FIT) Program is a residential program that offers integrated cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for substance use disorders, mental illness, and trauma related disorders, as well as vocational training, to female inmates. Inmates who would otherwise qualify for the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) and whose treatment plans address substance use in this residential program may qualify for the early release benefit associated with RDAP.

FIT operates as a modified therapeutic community (MTC) utilizing cognitive behavioral treatments in a trauma-informed, gender-responsive environment. Criminal thinking is addressed through the identification of criminal thinking errors and the promotion of prosocial interactions with staff and peers. There is a special emphasis on vocational training to prepare women with the skills they will need to support themselves and their families upon release. For example, some women are trained as peer companions and have the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship that prepares them for work in the community as a Peer Specialist. The program works closely with Psychology Services, Recreation, Unit Management, Education, and Correctional Services to promote a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and skill building. Program content is designed to promote successful re-entry into society at the conclusion of incarceration. Program staff further support reentry by collaborating with community partners
prior to release.

Time Frame
Hours This program is typically completed in 500 hours.
Needs Addressed Antisocial Peers, Cognitions, Mental Health,
Substance Use, Trauma, and Work
Program Delivery To ensure program fidelity and proper credit, the Female Integrated Treatment program must be delivered by Psychology Services and Education staff.
Institution Locations FSL Danbury (Low), SFF Hazelton (Low)