You’re a Post-COVID Long-Hauler Is A Mitigating Factor

You’re a Post-COVID Long-Hauler Is A Mitigating Factor

You’re a Post-COVID Long-Hauler:

  • You are not a CARE LEVEL III candidate, and
  • You can only accomplish some of your Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • You’re not capable of,
    • Maintaining work and Program hours
    • Standing or hearing “Count Times”
    • Getting out of bed, sometimes
    • This is a multi-organ disease

No Prison (Federal or State) Jail or Detention Center has the resources to care for you – because there is no universal care plan available.

If You’re a Post-COVID Long-Hauler, Immunocompromised, or have had COVID, but with recurring symptoms that keep you sedentary and in pain from multiple organ systems. It is only recently that HHS has begun to collect all the research being done nationwide, cataloging and studying it in a comprehensive study.

There is No Prison (Federal or State), Jail, or Detention Center

That has the resources to care for You!

This is Because SARS CoV-2 infection (PASC),

  1. This Virus and those to follow may include ongoing health problems which may last weeks, months, or years.
  2. Is still being researched, and while we are tired of it, it is still a Virus.
  3. These facilities do not have the (1:1) staff in place, training, time, supplies, or finances to provide this quality care.

COVID – a true roller coaster of symptoms and severities, with each new day offering many unknowns.”

While some patients recover others will suffer long-term damage.
This is an article I published on 2/1/2022, of A Physician’s Experience As A COVID Long-Hauler Patient

Dr. M Blatstein

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