Federal Prison Camps

Federal Prison Camps

PPRS - PPRSUS - Physician Presentence Report Service


There are differences;


Minimum Satellite Camps are adjacent to higher secure facilities.

Minimum Federal Prison Camps (FPC) are not, hence usually may have No” Solitary Confinement or Razorwire.

This may result in overall less tension among staff and inmates alike and is possibly due to the absence of the adjacent higher secure facility. Above are the BOP Federal Prison Camps, only.


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After the sentencing  designation is made:

With your client and their family, review relevant information such as nearby hotels and prison visiting (list and hours), mail (including email), commissary, telephone, items that are allowed in prison, and how to get money to your client (including when they self-surrender and then monthly via Western Union, Money Gram, or other services), will go a long way to helping take the edge off this life-altering event.

  • If there are medications involved, are they on Formulary (easily available), Non-Formulary (available, but require a lengthy pre-authorization process), or just Not Available? If either of the latter two applies, then what medical/legal options have been presented to the court? Hopefully, all of these issues have already been resolved, long before the PSI was finalized.



§ Basic wedding band, Bible.

§ Prescriptions; I recommend that prescriptions be attached to everything you bring with you, including, medications and medical devices, prosthetics, etc. Together with your attorney, make sure that copies of these prescriptions are included in your PSR, which was developed from your PSI.

Below is a sample from the BOP online Formulary that is available for your attorney’s use.

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  • BOP Medication Formulary is based on a 3 Tier Structure. If you are able, I recommend bringing a month’s supply, at best you can use them, at worst they just throw them out. If you arrive on a holiday or weekend, they may be allowed.

Medical Devices:(CPAP, etc.). Prosthetics / Orthotics, Diabetic shoes (P6031.01, Patient Care, (Page 58): may need extra deep, extra wide toe box )/ Wheelchairs, etc.

Glasses that are not made with metal.

AUTHORIZATION ‘FORM’ TO RECEIVE PACKAGES, is provided by the facility, but you can print the form here.

§ Forms of ID: birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, and social security card.

§ Cash; Then Per Month- $320, ($370 in November and December), Money Gram or Western Union for monthly deposits.

§ Legal papers.

§ List of personal names (including phone numbers and addresses).

Noteworthy: 20-minute video that shows you basic steps on how to protect yourself from COVID; whether or not you are in prison, by Mike Hansen MD

  • Mike Hansen MD, a Board-Certified Internist, Intensivist, and Pulmonologist who specializes in Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Pulmonary Disease.
  • He explains what has been at best; a politically challenged topic these past several years – in a way that all of us can understand.
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Also available through an article I previously published titled: How Do You Address Your Client’s Fears Of Catching COVID?

My background and experiences have provided me with a unique understanding of the federal Security Classification structure, Medical and Mental Healthcare – CARE LEVELS, along with an understanding of the BOP’s Medication Formulary (availability through their 3 Tier System).

Career Transition: My skills and experiences, together with 31+ years in medicine (my license is current and active), along with my lifelong compassion for others, have made me uniquely qualified to develop a Comprehensive PSR while providing the ‘best and appropriate’ placement outcome recommendations, along with counsel, to the court.

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