INDICTED: Your Preparation and Participation In Your Defense

INDICTED: Your Preparation and Participation In Your Defense

INDICTED: Your Preparation and Participation In Your Defense

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The information in this series and on (and PPRSUS Resources) is readily accessible and completely Free to all.

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Hello, and thank you for tuning into my Video series, INDICTED AND FACING PRISON: NOW WHAT?

My name is Marc Blatstein. In 2006, I, too, was Indicted and convicted of a felony, and I lost my medical license. To call this a life-altering event, at best, is an understatement. With work, I got my license reinstated in full.— Prison is Temporary.

My goal in this series is to provide you with the information you’ll need to survive and navigate these times because Knowledge and Preparation will help build back the Confidence you’ll need throughout this process.

·      Since you’ve heard that the DOJ and Feds have been asking questions, their case against you is mostly complete, with a 98% Conviction Rate.

·      Delaying to act now is at your peril.

·      Hiring a legal team doesn’t just mean they have experience; they also need a proven track record of successfully defending cases like yours.

·      The choices you make today – will make a better tomorrow.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to call and consider engaging my services at 240.888.7778—this is your life.

1)   You’ve found your legal team

a.  Followed the 12 – 14 questions to ensure you’ve picked the right attorney for you

b. What does your legal team think about a well-written

i.    Personal NARRATIVE,

ii.    Release Plan

iii.  Along with preparing for your Allocution

c. Then please do as they advise, hoping that they agree with the need for them to be well-written

2)   What can you do to help/advocate for yourself?

3)  Learn what Character letters are and what goes in them, and start requesting them ASAP.

4)  You’ll need copies of ALL your Personal IDs and Background Information.

5)   Their Interview and Conversation with their Judge (Allocution) can decrease or increase your sentence.

a.  Which would you prefer? Will you be ready?

6)  Don’t lie to your attorney (as they don’t wish to be surprised in court) – and try not to Lie to yourself regarding your charges.

7) Don’t lie to your Probation Officer or Judge; they know everything about you.

8)   Don’t provide false information to your lawyer or the court – the last thing your lawyer wants is to be surprised at the last minute

a.   They may be surprised, but you’ll be the only person who suffers as your defense falls apart

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